Loyalty for everyone, everywhere.

Reward your customers with cash back for actions performed on your platform or for their consistent patronage or just about whatever you want.

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Increase productivity

Offload your loyalty management to us and increase your productivity by making use of a one-stop platform for cash rewards.


Workflow automation

Integrate with Jara's reward API to improve your workflow by creating actions on your dashboard code to automate your users' reward fulfillment.


Increase user engagement

Amplify your brand by integrating with our brands reward marketplace, where users can select, redeem, and view their cumulative cash value - all within your app.

Improve your business


Tracking and reporting

Monitor the success of your reward program through stats on user behavior and delivery, and identify areas for growth.



Choose the nature of your rewards; straight cash value or percentage of user's transaction.


Cross Collaboration

Allow your customers gain more value by creating a portal where they can merge their cash rewards from multiple merchants

Consolidate your loyalty program. Increase your revenue.

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